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    At GoSports Foundation we currently offer:

  • Athlete Scholarship & Mentorship programmes
  • Athlete Education programmes
  • Sports Law & Policy

Athlete Development Programmes

Rahul Dravid Athlete Mentorship Programme

Rahul Dravid Athlete Mentorship Programme:

The Rahul Dravid Athlete Mentorship Programme seeks to Identtfy young, talented athletes, who have the potential to be catalysts of change for Indian sport. Through the Programme, Rahul Dravid and his team of experts personally mentor and advlse the selected athletes at k.ey phases In thelr sporting journeys, and offer speclfic and meaningful support to thelr young careers, attemptIng to create environments conducive to their success.

    Programme Objectives:

  • Customising sporting interventions for athletes.
  • Inducting atheletes, coaches, administrators into the Programme.
  • Initiating programmes to help athletes become changemakers and give back to sport.
  • Conceptualising and executing at least 100 new sports development projects in the next 10 years.
  • Assisting athletes towards excellence through improvements in their performances and world rankings.
Para Champions Programme

Para Champions Programme:

The Para Champions Programme was instituted to bring structure, planning and vision to the Indian Paralympic movement. As a first step it seeks to support some of india's elite differently-abled athletes on their Paralympic journeys.

The Programme is currently supporting 15 elite differently-abled Indian sportspersons. We believe that their achievements are outstanding and that their stories need to be told across the country and around the world.

The GoSports team has been able to understand every personal need of its athletes, and have tailored interventions in accordance with the same.

    Programme Objectives:

  • Raise awareness of prevalent disability conditions in society and change general perceptions towards differently-abled individuals.
  • To create a sustainable model for para athlete development and pioneer Highlight incredible stories of achievements changein the para sports of Paralympians to promote sport as a narrative the country.
  • Highlight incredible stories of achievements of Paralympians to promote sport as a medium of empowerment amongst the differently abled in India.
  • To bring structure, planning and vision to the Indian Paralympic movement.
Athletes Education Programme

Athletes Education Programme:

GoSports Foundation has worked closely with young, emerging athletes from a multitude of sporting disciplines and varied social backgrounds, and built a knowledge-sharing platform to help young athletes learn from top experts in their field.The Athletes education Programme Is a holistic programme that Imparts essential life skills and sports science knowledge to help produce Smarter Athletes for Tomorrow!

In addition, the Programme also Incorporates sessions for Coaches and Parents to enable them to respond better to the needs of young athletes.

GoSports Foundation is the Official Knowledge Partner to the BCCI’s Education Programme For Cricketers. Through this programme, Foundation is developing, designing and implementing various initiatives for their well-being, welfare and professional growth.

    Programme Objectives:

  • Help athletes apply the analytical and problem solving skills learnt through their sport In everyday situations.
  • Empower athletes to deal with challenges of life positively and confidently by creating a support system.
  • Assist athletes in honing their soft-skills to make them employable even after their active playing careers.
  • Help coaches deal with challenges of working with athletes from different backgrounds and equip parents to better understand the challenges young athlete face.
Abhinav Bindra Targeting Performance

Abhinav Bindra Targeting Performance:

The programme was launched to groom emerging athletes to represent India at major international events such as the Commonwealth & Asian Games in 2022, the Olympics in 2024, and beyond. This is a unique long-term athlete development initiative, pioneered in India with guidance from our only Olympic gold medallist, with a view to scientifically grooming future champions across the board, from a formative stage of their careers. We have selected some of India's top emerging athletes across disciplines as varied as badminton, shooting, fencing, athletics, archery, golf, table tennis, and weightlifting.

Sports Law & Policy

Sports Law & Policy:

The Sports Law and Policy Centre is a collaboration between GoSports Foundation and law firm LawNK. It comprises a group of professionals with extensive knowledge of and experience working in the sports ecosystem in India. The Centre aims to provide the relevant legal infrastructure and to provide a forum for study, analysis and understanding of the subject. In December 2016, SLPC launched a policy brief which can be read here. In July 2017, the SLPC also released a report on the 10 reforms in Indian sport administration which can be found here.

List of Athletes Supported by GoSports Foundation.