Bhavani Devi

Bhavani Devi enrolled in fencing classes in school just to get some time away from academics. She is now a nine-time national champion in the sport! Initially in her career she used to practice with sticks on badminton courts, saving the professional sword usage only for tournaments. She also used crowdfunding websites in her early days to meet her funding requirements. Bhavani Devi is the shining beacon of hope for India’s place in the world of fencing. If she persists at her current ranking, she could become India’s first ever fencer to qualify for the Olympics in 2020.

Achievements and GoSports’ support


Is selected for RDAMP


Support provided for sports science requirements, including nutrition, mental conditioning, injury rehabilitation, access to high performance coaching, and tournament expenses for her and her coach.


Becomes the first-ever Indian fencer to win a gold medal at a Satellite Grade tournament - Turnoi Satellite Fencing Championships in Iceland


Finishes 26th in the World Cup – the highest by any Indian